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Dead As A Door Nail…

Well…   The TrackSkull application was working great – right up until my 8 year old Microsoft Sidewinder joystick up and died.  I have no idea why.  But it just stopped working.  Poof.

Have you tried to buy a joystick lately?



  • Target  – Stab in the dark.  They used to have more computer stuff.  Clearly that has changed.
  • Staples – Another shot that might have panned out in the past.  I knew they carried some peripherals.  But the selection has dwindled.
  • Radio Shack – Huge disappointment, again.  Do they ever have what you want or need anymore?  How are they still in business?  The only people I ever see in there are “old people” arguing with the clerk (Who is typically clueless) about why they can’t get a replacement battery for their 12 year old cordless phone.
  • Game Stop – Semi disappointed.  The accessories are obviously not their bread and butter.  The displays are kind of haphazard.  So I am going to give them a pass on this one.
  • Best Buy – Home of the $99 HDMI cable that you can get other places for $10.  Came through in the end, but at an almost $10 premium.  If time wasn’t the crunch,  I could have purchased on-line with free shipping and had it in time for next weekend.

No wonder I hate shopping.

Servo Extensions Part IIIa

My extensions have arrived.  They shipped pretty quck.  I have just not had a lot of time to spend on this the last few days.  I did change the servo horn for the left/right motion of the skull.  It is smoother, and does not over extend anymore.  And the joystick input on TrackSkull from MoneyBasic.com is working great.  They are having a sale, btw, through Aug 31 (2011).

Or Maybe You Could Do This…

A thought occurred to me.  And I may change direction and go this route.  So I wanted to share my new alternative.

Get some servo extensions.  Go to a local RC or hobby store and get 4 6″ servo extensions.  Cut them in half.  Splice them onto the 2 ends of your 25′ of CAT5 cable.  Use the wiring guide as shown in the other extension posts.  It will reduce the number of connections you need to make.  And it doesn’t alter the existing servo cables on the servos.

Servo <—> male end of server extension <—> 25′ CAT5 <—> female end of servo extension <—> SCC 32

Extensions can be pretty cheap on-lineHere are some more cheap extensions.  There are certainly plenty of hobby stores and RC stores in the Bay Area.