You always knew I was a ham…

ham_radio_operatorI think in my heart I have always been a ham. I had friends that were hams, and my childhood best friend’s brother was a ham. Yes, I am talking about being an Amateur Radio Operator.  I still remember my best friend brother’ radio shack and the walls covered in QSL cards from all over the world.

Fast forward 40 years and changes to the licensing requirements, and the advent of Internet based practice testing, had all but erased any remaining excuse I may have had for not taking the test and getting my “ticket”.  On 4/16/2012 I drove up to a little meeting room, in a park, in Sunnyvale, California.  With pencil in hand I completed the 35 question exam about megahertz, how to safely climb an antenna tower in a thunderstorm (you don’t), and ohm’s law, and other topical questions.  I passed and was issued the call sign KJ6VTP.

I immediately drove to the local Ham Radio Outlet and purchased my first radio, the Yaesu FT-60R.  The FT-60, as it is commonly known, is a great first HT (Handie Talkie).  It is dual-band, easy to program, and has a lot of available accessories. If there were one significant flaw in the FT-60 I would have to say it is the single mic/earphone jack. The single, 4 pole, jack needed to plug in headphones, speaker/mics, and other audio accessories has a tolerance that is to narrow and often causes the accessory to not function. More reviews to come.