Dead As A Door Nail…

Well…   The TrackSkull application was working great – right up until my 8 year old Microsoft Sidewinder joystick up and died.  I have no idea why.  But it just stopped working.  Poof.

Have you tried to buy a joystick lately?



  • Target  – Stab in the dark.  They used to have more computer stuff.  Clearly that has changed.
  • Staples – Another shot that might have panned out in the past.  I knew they carried some peripherals.  But the selection has dwindled.
  • Radio Shack – Huge disappointment, again.  Do they ever have what you want or need anymore?  How are they still in business?  The only people I ever see in there are “old people” arguing with the clerk (Who is typically clueless) about why they can’t get a replacement battery for their 12 year old cordless phone.
  • Game Stop – Semi disappointed.  The accessories are obviously not their bread and butter.  The displays are kind of haphazard.  So I am going to give them a pass on this one.
  • Best Buy – Home of the $99 HDMI cable that you can get other places for $10.  Came through in the end, but at an almost $10 premium.  If time wasn’t the crunch,  I could have purchased on-line with free shipping and had it in time for next weekend.

No wonder I hate shopping.