Servo Extensions Part III

So now that we know we want to use CAT5 cable we may as well begin hacking, cutting, and splicing.  In Part II I mentioned that stranded CAT5 is probably a better choice for this project.  Since I can repair my own cables easily, I am going use what I already have laying around my “lab”.  I have a 25′-30′ length of solid CAT5 wire.

I have also decided to not just add 25′ of wire to the skull.  I don’t want 25′ of wire in the way when I am setting up or taking down the prop.  So I am going add a new connection at the skull with a short piece of wire, and then connect the 25′ extension to that.  I will be using a DB9 serial connector.

There is a male and female connector for this.  Again, I am using what I have around the lab to put this all together.  So…

I will cut the connectors off the servos, and using a short piece of CAT5 cable, attach a male DB9 connector to the servos.  I will then take my 25′ piece of CAT5 and on one end attach a female DB9 connector, and on the other end I will splice the servo connectors back on.  Writing it makes it sound more complicated than it is.  The key is to make sure the same wires are connected on both ends when you are done.  My color scheme as shown below is simply what I came up with.  You can choose your own as long as it matches all the way through.

In the diagram below you will see that I am using both brown wires, and both green wires for the Red, and Brown servo wires.  This is from the discussion with Mr Chicken regarding having the wire able to carry enough power to the servos.  So by doubling up on the Brown and Green pairs of CAT5 to carry the ground and VS1 (or power) we should be able to get enough power to the servos based on what I have read on other 3-axis skull forums.

I will update this post with pictures from the build when I start working on the actual cable.